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Our vein treatment centers in Michigan, Texas, New Jersey & New York leverage leading-edge diagnostic and treatment options for vein disease, including duplex ultrasound, ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy and endovenous laser treatment (EVLT®).

Duplex ultrasound

Our physicians use non-invasive and painless ultrasound to examine problem veins beneath the surface of the skin. This technology allows your doctor to see and directly image the veins and the blood flow, any plaque and other features within the blood vessels. With this information, your physician can determine if you have vein disease, and begin appropriate treatment.

Endovenous Laser Treatment (ELT, or EVLT)

Endovenous Laser Treatment is a minimally invasive technique for treating varicose veins usings lasers guided by ultrasound. EVLT is a 45 minute procedure, that requires only local anethesia, and is performed right in the office. Metro Vein Centers is an experienced and leading vein center providing EVLT. Being only minimally invasive, EVLT is much less traumatic than vein surgery, and has been shown to have higher efficacy. Patients can usually resume normal activity within 24 hours with little to no pain or other complications.

Transdermal Laser Treatment

Transdermal laser treatment (or pulsed light therapy) is used to treat spider veins. In this procedure, a light beam is pulsed onto spider veins, which heats them from the outside. This closes the veins and allows them to be dissolved and absorbed by the body.


Sclerotherapy is considered the gold standard for treating spider veins and smaller varicose veins. Often used to treat malformed blood vessels, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids, sclerotherapy involves the injection of a medicated sclerosing solution into the affected blood vessels. This immediately causes the veins to close down and begin to get reabsorbed into the body. The procedure normally takes about ten minutes to perform, and multiple sclerotherapy sessions may be required to achieve full clearance of all problem veins and a complete, cosmetic result.

Some larger veins can be treated with duplex ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy. In this procedure, ultrasound is used to map and visualize the veins, allowing your physician to monitor the injected sclerosant. Foamed sclerosants are also often used in larger veins as this gives the solution a larger surface area and thicker consistency which displaces the blood in the abnormal veins, allowing for maximum sclerosant action.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy

Ambulatory phlebectomy (also called mini-phlebectomy) is used to treat superficial, bulging varicose veins. In this procedure, the varicose veins are directly removed through tiny incisions in the skin over the veins. Phlebectomy is usually an outpatient procedure that can be performed in the office and offers excellent cosmetic results with little discomfort. Ambulatory phlebectomy is also often used in conjunction with EVLT and other treatments.

Vein Surgery (Ligation & Stripping)

Use of vein surgery has become extremely limited as the minimally-invasive procedures like EVLT have largely replaced it. We do not perform vein surgery at Metro Vein Centers.

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